10 Facts about Asia That Will Blow Your Mind

Woman Holding Globe

Being the largest continent in the world, Asia is definitely full of incredible wonders, which are both natural and man-made. There are a lot of things that will surprise, amaze and delight you in this continent. Take a look at the following:

Fact 1: Asia covers a total land area of 44,579,000 square kilometers.

We already know that Asia is the largest continent in the world. Africa, which is the second largest continent, has a land area that is 2/3 of Asia’s at 30,221,532 square kilometers.

Fact 2: More than 4.1 billion people live in Asia.

That number accounts for almost 60% of the world’s total population. It has also the highest population density in the world at 87 people/square kilometers.

Fact 3: Asia has given birth to some of the oldest human civilizations.

It no doubt that Asia is rich in ancient culture. The so-called ‘cradle of civilization’ can be found here, which is now the modern-day Iraq, Kuwait, and parts of Syria and Iran.

Fact 4: Pop culture doesn’t do the people of Asia justice.

Asia might be equated with pop culture especially with the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean people, but in reality, it covers pretty much the whole range of humankind. From Siberians in northern Russia, to Arabs in Iraq, to Indians in South-East Asia and New Guineans in north of Australia, you will find it in this continent.

Fact 5: Cities are densely populated in Asia.

7 of the world’s 10 largest cities based on population can be found in Asia. These include Shanghai, Beijing, Istanbul, Karachi, Mumbai, Guangzhou and Delhi.

Fact 6: Nine out of ten of the world’s tallest buildings are in Asia.

The world’s current tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, at 2,717 feet. The second is also found in Asia, which is the Shanghai Tower at 2,073 feet.

Fact 7: Asians sure know a thing or two about making massive malls.

10 of the largest malls in the world can be found in Asia. The largest has a total leasable area of 659,612 square kilometers, the New South China Mall in Dongguan, China.

Fact 8: Speaking of large malls, the aforementioned New South China Mall is classified as a “dead mall”.

Since its opening in 2005, nearly 99% of this mall’s area lies vacant. Only a few retailers set shop in it, and security guards and squatters are more likely to be seen than shoppers.

Fact 9: Japan has a lot of weird and wonderful customs and laws, the Metabo Law takes the cake.

Technically with this law, it is illegal to be fat in Japan. According to this law, all men and women above 40 years of age will be required to get their waists measured by Japanese government officials. If men have waists above 33.5 inches and women measuring 35.5 inches and above, they will be classified as ‘at risk’ and ‘overweight.’ There is no penalty for this but the government suggests that you have to follow some steps to ensure your good health.

Fact 10: North Korea, perhaps the most politically isolated country in the world, has cultivated a strange cult of personality around the dictatorial Kim family.

The North Korean calendar begins from founder Kim Il Sung’s birthday on 15 April 1912. Instead of celebrating Christmas, North Koreans make a pilgrimage to the birth town of the deceased wife of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Suk, on December 24.