6 Tips for Effective Marketing Automation


Implementing marketing automation is one way to market your business really well. Marketing automation has grown in the last five years that even small and medium enterprises can implement it. Here are a few tips to follow on how to use marketing automation for your business.


  1. Use marketing automation alongside a Customer Relationship Management Software

Remind your marketing team that sales and marketing are inseparable.  They must integrate your company’s sales process with the customer relationship management (CRM) software. This will help them understand the sales cycle and the movement of your clients within the cycle.

An integrated CRM and marketing automation platform will result to a successful marketing campaign. The leads will be tracked through your sales funnel if the integration began with a shared data.

  1. Slowly master the techniques for tactical campaigns before launching complicated ones

A complicated campaign doesn’t necessarily mean a quick win. It takes time to master the techniques to launch one. So choose a discreet campaign first and slowly build your way to larger investments by using the time to study what appeals to your target audience.

  1. Schedule check-ins rather than relying on auto-pilot

Marketing automation can save resources and time but using autopilot modes can be an expensive risk. It pays to personally check that campaigns, lists and forms are working properly before posting them live.

  1. Develop a Campaign to Build Profiles and Provide Insights

To customize your campaign, you need to nurture your lead to creating a profile of prospects who relates to your products or services.

  1. Consistently publish quality content

To make your campaign valuable you must have a large measure of content and resources. When your content is of high quality it will surely rise to the top. As you create the best possible content, remember to consistently publish them. A valuable campaign will allow potential clients to see the value of trading the information they want to obtain.

  1. Test and re-test

Test and re-test your marketing automation to ensure the best performance. Continually test your links, subject lines, preferred time for message sending and spacing between messages so you will see your return on investment for the marketing automation tools you purchased.

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