Ethical Tips to Consider When Marketing to Kids

Kids are a unique and large market. That’s why several businesses put a significant amount of effort trying to capture it. Despite the recent innovations in technology, the basic wants and needs of kids have not changed very much over time. However, when you are marketing to this market, you have to be careful as the final decision makers tend to be their parents. Consider marketing ethics are you are trying to connect with the right audiences, particularly where kids are concerned.

Take a look at the following ethical tips when marketing to children in order to reap great results:

Communicate with the parents clearly

Transparency is the key here. It is important that the parents can easily see the safety features of the product that you are offering and what their kids have been up to.  A great example of this is the company called Animal Jam, which put its safety features on its landing page, for easy access to parents before they’ll make a decision to avail for the product or not.

Encourage the kids to back up your brand

Speak to kids using age-appropriate language in order to connect with them. In so doing, you are able to let them back up your brand. Try to give them a venue where they can create user-generated content. These may be in the form of fan-hosted blogs to art and essay submissions. In other words, this will be a venue where the kids can express themselves.

Create original content

Creating original is also important to get the kids involved. It could be a YouTube video, downloadable content, etc. Think of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields and find a way to incorporate it into your platform. This will not only entertain the kids, but it also complements with what the schools and parents are doing.