Facebook Video as an Effective Business Marketing Tool

As technology changes, businesses must keep up with the pace in order to connect with their customers. Such is the case of video marketing which is considered as a remarkable engaging medium these days. Coupled it with social media platforms, it enables you to reach more potential customers as compared to other media.

Why you should make use of video advertising on Facebook

We can see nowadays that Facebook is placing so much emphasis on video as a preferred medium. Every day, there are 1.04 billion daily active users logging into Facebook and over 76% of them discover video content through their News Feeds. With this, businesses should make use of video as a way of advertising in order to succeed in a digital age.

However, you have to take note that Facebook tends to prefer those videos that are being shared natively or uploaded directly onto the platform, as compared to those coming from other platforms such as YouTube. Videos that are being shared natively on Facebook appear in users’ News Feeds, along with other native updates.

Based on a study conducted by Socialakers, videos that are shorter than 21 seconds had the highest completion rate. In such a short span of time, be concise with your message.

Vital Insights to monitor your video reach

After uploading your video, you have to monitor your video as well in order to know if your marketing strategy is effective or not. Here are some vital insights that you have to be familiar with:

Check Facebook insights

In your Page’s insights section, go to your post tab. This will let you see how the video is contributing to your audience engagement. By knowing what videos work for your business and what doesn’t, you can create a winning video that will help in your marketing campaign.

Call to action

Creating an engaging video and sharing it is not enough. You have to make it work for you. You can do this with an effective call to action that will complete your conversion funnel.