Learning how Twitter will help you with your small business


Here is the main problem with twitter. Many don’t get how it would help them.

Well, with more than 316 million active monthly users involving in instant conversations, this social instrument can be a potential asset.

To help you, we have here some tips to make your Twitter as a catalyst for winning customers.

Make connections

Twitter provides the opportunity to look for interested people and encourage them to be your costumers. Be creative and investigate your audience preferences of topics. Think what your potential clients want to purchase. Active Twitter users will tweet about different aspects of their lives and you can connect with them and show what your business can offer.

Develop a personality

A unique personality helps a group of successful business accounts on Twitter. Showing a unique personality plus a helpful content in your Twitter feed boost your business potentials.

Have a content strategy

You have to know that Twitter is a fast-paced social platform and you are recommended to have a clear content strategy with the help of an editorial calendar. It is an effective way of keeping on top of the daily feed, that gives you time to engage with customers. Your editorial calendar should have events, blogs, sales, products or services and brand messaging, intended for promotion for the entire month.


Hashtags are designed to unify a conversation and usually use if something big is happening in the world in a given time. It helps someone to be easily got involved in the conversation and increase your engagement levels. It can also be a more general link to a certain topic, person or interest.

Stay organized

Using Twitter needs a lot of work. To organize tasks in Twitter you can do the following:

  • Simplify things by streamlining the procedures.
  • Use the list based on various functions to arrange individuals into useful lists. For example, creating a list for customers, prospects, influencers and even your competitors will do an efficient monitoring and targeting.